Convert Voice Recordings to Text on Android Phones in 3 Methods

Converting voice recordings to text has never been simpler thanks to artificial intelligence tools, making the conversion of recordings even simpler than before. Even without AI support available to you, alternative solutions exist for turning voice recordings into text formats.

So if you’re fed up of manually transcribing speeches and have an Android phone handy, the easy solution to turn spoken words into text instantly can be achieved in no time at all.

Here’s how to convert voice recordings on Android into text:


Using Live Transcribe and Notification

Live Transcribe and Notification on Android Live Transcribe and Notification for Android phones captures speech, converts it to text and displays it on screen. Here is how it works:

  1. Start off by installing and downloading Live Transcribe and Notification app onto your Android device.
  2. Launch the application and grant its necessary permissions.
  3. Pressing on the microphone button and beginning speaking can save time in search.
  4. This app will detect your voice and display an instant text version on screen for you. Simply copy and paste this into another application!


Convert Voice Recordings into Text using Gboard

Here’s how the Gboard app for Android can convert voice recordings to text:

  1. Launch any messaging app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Touching on the chat field to launch Gboard.
  3. Tap on the microphone icon on the Gboard app’s top bar.
  4. Commence speaking and Gboard will automatically translate it to text.
  5. Copy and paste the text for use in whatever other applications of your choosing.
  6. No more headaches! Gboard for Android makes it simple and effective for you to convert voice recordings to text documents.


Convert Voice Recordings to Text using Google Voice Recorder

Google Voice Recorder allows users to easily convert audio recordings to text documents using text transcription services.

Google Pixel phones include an audio recorder app called Google Recorder that features auto-transcription capability that lets you record audio files and turn them into text for easy textual translation. Non-Pixel devices may download Google Recorder with this same feature to use its auto-transcription features as well. Here’s what to do:

Start recording immediately on Android phones using Google Voice Recorder by downloading and installing from an appropriate third-party store or website.

  1. Install the app onto your phone. On its main page, tap on ‘Get Started.’
  2. Apps will often prompt users to provide permissions. Be sure to grant all requested accesses.
  3. As soon as you’re ready, begin talking into Google Recorder app.
  4. Once completed, go to the Transcript Tab in order to view a text version of your speech.
  5. Once installed, this app allows users to convert recordings they make onto text documents for easy editing and transcription.

By following these methods, it should be easy for Android device users to easily convert voice recordings to text on Android. Give these methods a try and simplify transcription tasks!

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