How to Upload HD Pictures or Videos as WhatsApp Status Update

Nowadays there are multiple instant messaging applications, but WhatsApp stands out. More than just messaging software, WhatsApp has evolved to become a micro social media platform.

Nowadays, you have multiple channels and platforms at your disposal that enable you to join channels, share statuses and make voice and video calls – one feature which disappoints users is its file compression algorithm, as it drastically lowers quality when uploading files to apps such as Dropbox and Box.

WhatsApp recently implemented a feature allowing you to send HD images through chats; but what about uploading HD content as your status update on WhatsApp?

How to Upload HD Pictures or Videos as WhatsApp Status Update

By default, uploading WhatsApp statuses in HD is prohibited; however, there’s a workaround which allows you to bypass this restriction and upload HD statuses instead. Are you curious? Keep reading.

WhatsApp does not permit the sharing of HD videos via statuses; therefore, to do so you will first need to upload HD photos or videos into a chat conversation.

Once uploaded in chats, high-quality media sent in chats will then automatically be uploaded onto your WhatsApp status as shared media.

Here’s how it should go step-by-step:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on either an Android or iPhone device.
  2.  Navigate to the chat where you wish to upload media, using this guide if necessary for self-chats.
  3. Tap on the camera icon within chat field before selecting photo or video you would like shared as WhatsApp status status update.
  4. Once the file has been selected, tap on the HD icon at the top of your screen. Afterward, upon being asked which quality setting they would prefer when presented with media quality prompts (HD quality is highlighted on screen), choose HD.
  5. Once uploaded, tap on the Send button to share in a chat room.
  6.  Hold down on any media file sent through chat and touch either its top right corner share button – for iPhone this could be its bottom left icon share icon; or hold down until “My Status” comes up on its respective screen.
  7. Upload an HD photo or video as your WhatsApp status update.

Simply upload high-resolution photos or videos directly into WhatsApp status! Although not an official method, this approach enhances media shared via WhatsApp status.

Uploading high-quality photos and videos to WhatsApp status is easy, following our solution can upload as many HD photos/videos as you’d like. If you need any further assistance uploading HD pictures/videos on WhatsApp status let us know via comments – also if this guide was helpful make sure to share with friends!

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